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SevenCrows releases lyric video for the track “Coming For Blood”
Posted on 06/10/2020 @ 17:11

The band SevenCrows has just released the lyric video for the track “Coming For Blood”. The song was mixed and mastered by Brendan Duffey in California, in the United States, and is part of the new album “Deep Thougths”, which will be released soon.

Watch the lyric video for “Coming For Blood”:

“We are very happy with the repercussion of the two songs that have been released so far and we have many expectations for the album that will come in early July! We hope that everyone who follows us can share in our satisfaction. It was an album made with a lot of dedication and affection together with people of world renown that we never imagined working on. Coming for Blood brings this dark, violent and also reflective side of the album, where internal conflicts can leave us as the character of the song ”, said Hugo Borges.

Born in Porto Velho, Rondônia, SevenCrows was formed in 2014 and its sound is based on Prog and Power Metal. The band has the EP “Sentinels” already released and had a good reception on the scene. Formed by Hugo Borges (vocals), Wendel França (guitar), Lucas Souza (guitar), Joel Oliveira (bass) and Renan Lima (drums), SevenCrows has influences from names such as Angra, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Lamb of God, among others.

The band was cited as a featured EP of 2017 by Headbanguers Latino America and called the attention of Angra producer and bassist, Felipe Andreoli, who currently works with the band in the production of a new album. “It has been a great pleasure to work with Sevencrows. Not only are the musicians extremely talented, but they also have really good songs. Melodies, riffs and harmonies very well thought out and performed. I think fans of the style have a good surprise ahead of them ”, said Felipe Andreoli.

Hugo Borges – Vocal
Wendel France – Guitar
Lucas Souza – Guitar
Joel Oliveira – Bass
Renan Lima – Drums

Audio produced by Felipe Andreoli and Hugo Borges
Video produced by Mizael Werneck & Rafini Root
Mix and master by Brendan Duffey
Keyboards by Nei Medeiros

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