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Hugo Borges – Voice
Wendel France – Guitar
Lucas Souza – Guitar
Laian Souza – Bass
Renan Lima – Drums

Sevencrows was created in the second half of 2014 in a conversation between Lucas Souza, Wendel França and Rai Starley. Lucas was a freelance guitarist and played with several local artists and from other states, Wendel came from an experience in a Progressive Metal band called Soul Voice along with the current vocalist Hugo Borges and the current drummer Renan Lima. Ray Starley, a former vocalist of the band, was interested in singing in a metal band and after some conversations about the direction of the band Wendel and Lucas began to work on the compositions and had the idea to invite Drummer Eric Renan and bassist Layan Souza.

The five worked for a few months but due to personal problems, Érico Renan ended up leaving and the drummer Carlos Henrique took over and in that way, they finished most of the raw ideas with the intention of playing a sound with a faster but with influences footprint of prog metal bands like Angra, Dream Theater, Symphony x, Lamb of God and vocal guttural vocalist Rai Starley. With this formation the band continued to work on more compositions.

The band performed at some events and festivals in the city, getting good acceptance from the public and after some personal problems, drummer Carlos Henrique and Lucas Souza left, leaving the band adrift with the need of a new drummer, Renan Lima enters the band to start production of the EP. The band had very good ideas in this way, pre-production of the EP was started in 2015 by guitarist Wendel France, Layan Souza on bass, Renan Lima on drums and Rai Starley.

Soon after the beginning of the recording process of the EP, vocalist Rai Starley leaves the band leaving the band without a vocalista and as the preas were practically ready, they were presented to the vocalist Hugo Borges who had already played with Wendel and Renan in Soul Voice , and he liked the ideas and realized that the songs could also get very good with an aggressive and melodic voice. Hugo recorded his initial ideas pleasing everybody of the band and decided to enter the band assuming the vocals, and being responsible for the letters of the band.

Already at the end of the recordings of the EP, guitarist Lucas Souza returned to band ending the EP after 9 months. The EP was released on July 15, 2017 in a big party that featured a show by Edu Falaschi and from there to here the band has achieved several achievements and recognition from the specialized media, having been cited as a prominent EP of 2017 by Headbanguers Latin America and called attention of the producer and bass player of Angra Felipe Andreoli, who currently works with the band in the production of a new album. The productions are in full swing and the launch is scheduled for the beginning of the second half of 2018.

SEVENCROWS - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2018-2020